Hi. We’re Asperkids: It’s Nice To Meet You.

Autism isn’t usually thought of as funny.  And you know what? It isn’t always funny. Sometimes it can be crazy-making. Isolating. Scary.

But that’s really true of any life…if you’re not hanging out with the right kind of friends.

The right friends can show you how to laugh even when there’s coffee in your hair (or ears….or eyes). That’s us.  That’s Asperkids. The RIGHT kind of friend.

Asperkids has become more than books or a company…it’s become a “world wide movement” (We didn’t say that!) because we believe in “no big deal” and “we can do hard things,”

…in smart ideas spoken simply

…in “rock, paper, scissors, Spock”

…and in “life is short: use more glitter.”

From first-person insight, Jennifer takes being, raising, teaching and loving folks on the autism spectrum very seriously.

She just doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Because when you can balance wit and wisdom there’s always room to discover joy-if you choose to.

There’s always a way to see the “AWESOME.” Even when you step on a Lego. With coffee in your hair.



Geektastic Gift Guide!

  It’s Finally HERE!!!! Just click… to open And get your holiday awesome on (Including the most beautiful way to explain the magic of Santa) Psst! ALWAYS remember the Asperkids Originals, Kits of Awesomeness, Sensory Savvy Stuff and exclusive ThinkFun Games Collection in the AK Shop-for-the-Kids!    

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Learning to Fly

Mantras are important. Big time. Mindsets are crucial. But only – ONLY – if you make them real and relevant IN THE MOMENT. That’s the “preparation” before the “performance.” It’s the key to undermining our kids’ perfectionism. And it has to start with you. Now.   The other day, my five-year-old son was showing a […]

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No Spoilers: Insider – An Aspie’s Guide for Teens

  Reprinted from Jennifer’s “Insider” column, with the kind permission of Autism ASperger’s Digest.               

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Mothers’ Hearts

The most wonderful and most difficult part of writing books is letting them go. It’s a bit like being a mom — you have this precious bundle of ideas that, with time, lots of sweat, and bunches of lost sleep — somehow come to life. And then, just when you’ve gotten a glimpse of what […]

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Q&A: Tic Tic – Let’s Talk

    Here are links to the pages and tools mentioned above: Box on the Shelf The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules Ruby Slippers

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