Thomas Jefferson. Emily Dickinson. Bill Gates. Marie Curie. The kiddo at your kitchen table or in the second row of your classroom.

And me - Asperkids creator, Jennifer O’Toole.

What on earth do your Asperkid and I have in common with these legends of history? Intensity, limitless curiosity, passionate devotion to ideals, bright minds, beloved routines. And more than our fair share of social goof-ups.

It’s called Asperger Syndrome. It isn’t a disease. It isn’t a disability. Asperger’s is a personality profile of aptitudes and attitudes. Neither right nor wrong, it is simply who we are. But we know you may find us a little tough to understand sometimes. (That’s OK — we sometimes think you’re a bit confusing, too!)

Enter Asperkids. We’re here to “translate” between young people with Asperger Syndrome and the neurotypical world around them. Through internationally-celebrated books, private consultations, public presentations, and carefully-selected resources, our goal will ALWAYS remain the same: to unlock the precious, precocious potential of Asperkids everywhere.

Unlocking the Precious, Precocious Potential of Kids with Asperger Syndrome

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We are so proud that SO many thousands of people around the world have come to see Asperkids as their go-to, tell-it-like-it-is, always-positive-but-not-Pollyanna resource for all things “spectrum.” Truly, WE ARE ONE FAMILY…and THIS family is about to meet a very HOT topic…and a very famous mouse. It’s…ASPERKIDS DOES DISNEY! As you probably know, there […]

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I Carried A Watermelon

    An excerpt from Jennifer’s Autism Asperger’s Digest column: Insider: An Aspie’s Tips for Teens “Watermelon Syndrome” – May 2014     We’ve all been there. Trying to scoop our words up off of the floor—to reel them back in. I call it “Watermelon Syndrome.” And I, too, have suffered. In 1987, a movie […]

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A Kevlar Vest for Your Heart

When I began in 2012, I pledged to answer every single email, every single question via social media, every personal request. And dang it, I meant it. Heck, as a mom myself, if I took the time to reach out, it was because I needed something I couldn’t find for myself – information, instructions, yes….but more […]

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