Hi. We’re Asperkids: It’s Nice To Meet You.

Autism isn’t usually thought of as funny.  And you know what? It isn’t always funny. Sometimes it can be crazy-making. Isolating. Scary.

But that’s really true of any life…if you’re not hanging out with the right kind of friends.

The right friends can show you how to laugh even when there’s coffee in your hair (or ears….or eyes). That’s us.  That’s Asperkids. The RIGHT kind of friend.

Asperkids has become more than books or a company…it’s become a “world wide movement” (We didn’t say that!) because we believe in “no big deal” and “we can do hard things,”

…in smart ideas spoken simply

…in “rock, paper, scissors, Spock”

…and in “life is short: use more glitter.”

From first-person insight, Jennifer takes being, raising, teaching and loving folks on the autism spectrum very seriously.

She just doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Because when you can balance wit and wisdom there’s always room to discover joy-if you choose to.

There’s always a way to see the “AWESOME.” Even when you step on a Lego. With coffee in your hair.



There’s No Right Way to Be a Girl

  An Excerpt from Jennifer’s up-coming 6th book: The Spectrum Chick’s (Secret) Book of Awesomeness:                                                                             How to […]

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Stuffed Allies & Dignity: How Understanding Anxiety Can Help Save the Day

This article was originally written for the Autism Society of North Carolina – but more than any other piece I’ve offered to another publication, every repost of “Stuffed Allies & Dignity” receives thousands and thousands of views. Why? Because the message matter – and the kids need us to understand. So with gratitude to ASNC for the […]

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I Carried A Watermelon

    An excerpt from Jennifer’s Autism Asperger’s Digest column: Insider: An Aspie’s Tips for Teens “Watermelon Syndrome” – May 2014     We’ve all been there. Trying to scoop our words up off of the floor—to reel them back in. I call it “Watermelon Syndrome.” And I, too, have suffered. In 1987, a movie […]

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A Kevlar Vest for Your Heart

When I began Asperkids.com in 2012, I pledged to answer every single email, every single question via social media, every personal request. And dang it, I meant it. Heck, as a mom myself, if I took the time to reach out, it was because I needed something I couldn’t find for myself – information, instructions, yes….but more […]

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Elevator Bank

Following EVERY Child – For Real “The Elevator Bank”   The following is an excerpt from an article of mine that will appear in the North American Montessori Journal’s summer edition, based upon the keynote I delivered to their conference in January 2014. It’s Tuesday. Noon. The morning wasn’t too exciting but now, things are […]

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