The Shop of Awesomeness

The AK Shop of Awesomeness is unlike any resource in the world. It’s a treasure trove of tools that will empower you to make the good days better and turn the tough days into a-ha! moments. Curated collections of geektastic games & apps, instantly downloadable articles (that actually make SENSE), excerpts from the bestselling book series, online courses, celebration kits, fidget buffets, turn-key lesson plans — even tell-it-like-it-is video downloads like “Sticks & Stones & Standing Back Up” and “Romeo & Juliet: NOT a Love Story.”

Every single thing in this shop comes to you straight from Jennifer — combining the real-life perspective of an Aspie, of a spectrum parent, AND of a counselor and educator — and presenting it all with AK’s signature cheeky, heart-to-heart, well-THAT-makes-sense style. It’s all here. And best of all, every purchase you make helps us further our work around the globe.

Enough talk. Go find your OWN awesome.


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