All for Awesome & Awesome for ALL

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(A Little Starter From “Introducing the Asperkids Advisors of Awesomeness“)

The Advisors of Awesomeness comprise my hand-picked “Dream Team” of knowledge and compassion.  They are Aspies (and two lucky NT’s!) whose positive attitudes and diverse areas of expertise expand upon what I am privileged to have begun here.

Each expert will contribute to YOUR ASPERKIDS COMMUNITY:

  • one guest blog in his/her ares of particular knowledge for everyone to explore, share, and take in
  • one (or more) exclusive-to-Asperkids full-length article that will be offered in our AK-Shop-for-the-Kids, where the contributors are generous enough to spilt their royalties with Asperkids to continue our mission around the world ( – scroll to “Advisors of Awesomeness”)

With that….allow me to introduce the most illustrious group of voices, minds….and hearts…ever assembled in this fashion: to declare their love of the organization and the future of our Mission. And better yet, in the futures of our kids.

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One By One – you can  follow these links to the incredible work of my dear friends – who will become yours, too….or just enter the search tag “advisors.”

Dena Gassner, LMSW: (Blog coming)

Dr. Temple Grandin: (Blog Coming!)

Karla Helbert, LPC (Blog: Letting in the Light/Talking About Grief & Death)

Paul Isaacs: Visual Sense

Haley Moss: Art on the Spectrum

John O’Toole: (Blog Coming!)

Brigid Rankowski: (Blog Coming!)

Chloe Rothschild: (Blog: Meet Chloe)

Dr. Stephen Shore: (Blog Coming)

Cara Koscinski: In Tied in Knots

Dr. Liane Holliday Willey: (Blog Coming!)